Diagnostic Reagent Blisters Products

J-Pac Medical has developed two reagent delivery technologies in single- or multi-well formats for common lab-on-chip formats: burst (pierce-able) and frangible seal blisters. Burst blisters are typically used in applications where the test equipment pierces and evacuates the fluid. Frangible seal blister technology is used to deliver controlled release of reagents using J-Pac’s differential seal technology.

J-Pac’s custom delivery systems are designed to meet specific product requirements (such as directionality of flow), protect the product, assure sterile transfer, and maintain consistently successful delivery to patients. Our highly automated production methods ensure precise reagent filling for single- and multiple-well formats, allowing tests to be consistent and reproducible.

Perfect for your Purpose

We typically work in fill volumes between 25-1500 microliters.

Shape & Size
Geometries can be customized but we have developed several formats that have been proven over tens of millions of uses. Shape is dependent and customize based on the footprint available on the microfluidic card as well as the dispensing method.

We can manufacture blisters as singles or arrays.

Packaging foils are selected based on several parameters including pierce force and chemical interactions caused by the reagents or sealing temperatures as well as shelf life requirements.

J-Pac can produce small runs or millions of units.

J-Pac Medical’s frangible and burst seals offer a convenient way to bring new or improved diagnostic products to market quickly and affordably. High quality standards assure our customers that we will meet their unique product specifications every time.

Whether your business needs 10,000 or ten million reagent blisters, J-Pac Medical designs, validates, and produces to meet your requirements on-site.

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